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Hi, I’m Susan! I’m the author of nine books, including Sew + Quilt, Modern Log Cabin Quilting, Bead Simple, and Hand-Stitched Home. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Andrew and our kids, Pearl & Everett (who finally, thanks to my S+Q book deadline, got the special bed quilts I’ve been dreaming of making them for years!). I teach sewing and quilting classes in Portland and on

I started writing a new West Coast Crafty column for Getcrafty in 2005 and then moved everything over to an independent blog. Four books and 1.5 kids later, I was so lucky to attend the very first PMQG meeting in 2010 and I’ve now served as president, programs director, and historian! I’m also a Girl Scout leader, neighborhood activist, and love to read. Sew + Quilt is my most personal book yet and I am so excited that it’s out in the world!


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If you’d like to get in touch with me about Sew + Quilt, one of my other books, a new project, or just something you’re excited about, please drop me a line! I would love to say hello.

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