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Everything I’m excited about for my new book, Sew + Quilt!

introducing sew + quilt!

I am so thrilled that my new book, Sew + Quilt, is finally here! It’s a collection of two dozen embroidery, sewing, and quilting projects, from mini samplers to colorful bed quilts, and all beginner-friendly - so even if you’re just starting out, you’ll learn new skills, gain confidence, and make these patterns your own, using your favorite colors and style. First, you’ll create two modern Sew + Quilt Samplers with just five basic embroidery stitches and four geometric quilt blocks… then, once you’ve gotten a bit of practice with these techniques, you’re ready to take on any project in the book and make it your own, from colorful embroidery to beautiful bed quilts!

flying in pairs quilt

Sewing and quilting changed my whole life, but I didn’t learn how until I was 26 - so I remember exactly how it feels like to be a beginner! I had no idea how to thread a machine, follow a sewing pattern, or piece a quilt block, and it all seemed so complicated and overwhelming, I didn’t even know where to start.

 Then my best friend Fiona came to visit me in Portland for a week, and taught me how to sew on a vintage aqua Singer I found for $20, with all the enthusiasm, patience, and kindness a beginner needs. I tried new things, messed up, ripped out the seams, pressed my fabric, and tried again. And once I got my confidence up, it was so exciting. I vividly remember that amazing feeling of suddenly being able to make anything I wanted - night and day from just a week earlier.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, just like I was… or you already know how to sew, but want to try some new patchwork quilting or embroidery projects… or you’re an all-around sewing superstar who’s looking for a fun and easy quilt to whip up in a weekend, sew + quilt is for you! I wanted to write the book I really wish I’d had when I was learning, so I asked some of my favorite quilters, sewists, and embroidery artists to share their best advice for beginners, too.

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I’m so excited to introduce sew + quilt at Portland Modern Quilt Guild on Thursday, February 21 - I’ll be sharing all my favorite tips and techniques, showing all the quilts, and offering lots of fun giveaways. You can buy a signed copy then or find it at your favorite local bookstore or online in the meantime!

sew + quilt at Powell’s!

sew + quilt on Amazon!

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I’ll be teaching quilting classes at Portland Craft Bar in March and for PMQG in April - check out my classes + event page for more about all these too! And coming soon, S+Q quilt labels (!) and downloadable coloring sheets to plan your fabrics and color combinations for every quilt in the book.